Halaal Certifying Bodies

The major Haalal certifying Bodies (HCB’s) were invited to a meeting held under the auspices of UUCSA. The purpose was to identify one ‘bite-size’ project that will help create synergy among HCB’s.

The onslaught against the ‘Halaal Logo’ was identified as an issue that would sufficiently resonate with all HCB’s. Opposition to the Halaal logo is based on the following:

1. Halaal dilutes the purity of foods because of Islamic incantations read on products

2. Christian consumers are forced to buy hall goods and are “manipulated” into funding Islam.

3. Certified products are more expensive than non-certified products which means that non-Muslims are paying for Muslim religious requirements

4. Proceeds from Halaal certification are often channelled to finance global terrorism

5. The presence of the Halaal logo on products deprives non-Muslims of their fundamental right to purchase non-Halaal products

The purpose of the HCB’s meeting was to collectively interrogate various charges levelled against the Halaal logo and to compile a compendium that may adequately serve as resource material to debunk the many myths surrounding Halaal certification.