The Chief Director of Data Processing -SATS South Africa addressed members of UUCSA. The meeting focussed on the following:

1 Overview of South Africa and its people

2 The Historical Background to Census in SA

3 Census in the new SA

4 Results from census and their use (Muslim population)

5 The Religious question in the census after 1994

6 Of what use is census data to the religious communities and Muslims in particular

7 The road to Census 2021

8 Responsibility of Ulama bodies vis a vis Census 2021

Some of the stats that he shared were as follows:

• South Africa’s population – (2018) is 57,73 Million

• Around 17 million are children (0-14 years), making up close to a third of the total population

• There are more females than males in South Africa in 2018 – 51% Female – 49% Male

• More than half the population live in 3 provinces (Gauteng, KwaZulu- Natal and Western Cape). Gauteng remains South Africa’s most populated province.
• Muslim Population (1996 – 553,585) (2001- 654,064) (2016- 892,685)

Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) will be conducting the 4th population census in 2021. Stats SA has begun the process of designing the questionnaire for Census 2021 and has included the religion question in the questionnaire. They requested UUCSA to:

• Request the Statistician-General to include the religion question in the questionnaire. The same request should be sent via individual members and the National Inter-Faith Council of South Africa

• Educate the Muslim community timeously on the importance of participating in the Census 2021 via the Jumma platform and Muslim Medi

• Ensure advocacy of Muslim statistics in the spatial development of Islam in South Africa