UUCSA hosts Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania

In the spirit of collaboration and increasing knowledge and brotherhood with the Muslim Ummah, UUCSA and other key stake holders met with His Excellency Mr Jarr Ould Inalla, on the the 12 February 2023 at Al Baraka Bank in Durban.

His Excellency Ambassador Mr Jarr Ould Inalla presented an overview of his country's heritage and trade and collaborative opportunities for South Africa. He also requested assistance for preservation of ancient manuscripts of Islamic Literature, which is housed by the country in the ancient scholarly cities.

Shabbir Chohan, CEO of Al Baraka Bank in South Africa, welcomed His Excellency Mr Jarr Ould Inalla and the members to the luncheon. Other stakeholders viz. Minara Chamber of Commerce
Islamic Medical Association of South Africa, The African Muslim Farmers Association and
Salaam Foundation. The stakeholder talks focused organisation activity in South Africa, especially on agriculture, food security and development.

The discussions were interactive and interest was expressed in the initiatives undertaken by the stakeholders present.

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