1. Historically, vaccines have been developed as preventative measures against various diseases such as polio, small pox, etc.
  2. In principle, taking a vaccine as a preventative and protective measure against an illness is permissible and does not contradict the concept of Tawakkul; adopting measures deemed necessary while placing implicit trust in Allah believing that whatever Allah decrees will ultimately prevail
  3. As far as possible endeavour to ensure that the vaccine does not contain any impure or impermissible substance. However, where there may not be any Halaal suitable alternative, senior and competent Ulama have permitted utilizing medication that may contain impermissible ingredients.

4  Use of the vaccine may or may not negatively affect the user, however, once a cohort of Allah-fearing Muslim physicians deem its use necessary, it would render the use of vaccines permissible.

5   Taking the vaccine is a matter of choice and preference; no individual should be compelled to take it, nor should anyone who refuses to take it be criticized.

This statement has not been endorsed by the Jamiatul Ulama KZN (JUKZN)

The Board - 22 February 2021

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